Visiting With Children on Sunday

**Until further notice, all faith development/R/E. will be held virtually. If you would like to arrange to participate as a visitor, please contact Angela Konin, DRE at**

For Families Visiting with Children
If you are visiting our congregation with your children, you may have questions. We want your family’s experience to be enjoyable and comfortable. When you arrive, you will be greeted by one of our members. That person will be able to answer questions.

Most Sundays, we offer religious education classes for children in kindergarten through grade 8, as well as a youth group for those who are high school-age. We also offer nursery care for children from 6 weeks to 5 years old. Your children are not required to attend any of these programs. They are always welcome to remain with you for the entire morning. They are, however, very welcome to attend class, even if you are only visiting once.

Nursery Care: The nursery is available from 10:15 to 11:45. It is located down the hall from the service. You may also keep your children with you for a time, and then they may go to the nursery later. Please pick your children up by 11:45. Our care providers are over 16 and are supervised by an adult professional staff member. Providers cannot change diapers or provide intimate help in the restroom. Parents/guardians must care for these needs. Please ask nursery staff for a copy of the nursery policies, for your own information.

Children 5 and older: The children begin by sitting with their families. Early in the service, we have a special Children’s Time. After that, the children leave the gymnasium and are taken to their classes; they are grouped into age groups on some Sundays, and they meet in combined groups at other times. All the classes are located down the hall, and each classroom is staffed by two adult volunteers. All of our volunteers are subject to background checks as mandated by the state of Pennsylvania, and are supervised by a paid staff member. The children will be in class until 11:45, and will be walked by an adult to the cafeteria once class is over.

Several Sundays a year, there is no separate Religious Exploration class. The service on those days is planned to be intentionally engaging to those of all ages; we call these Multi-generational Services. Children remain with their families on those Sundays.

Most Sundays, our professional Director of Religious Exploration will be present. You may find her by asking at the table that you will see as you enter the worship space, which is in the gymnasium. If she is away that Sunday, you will be directed to a volunteer who is filling in for her for that day. That person will have a visitor's form for you to fill out, if your children will be going to the nursery or to Religious Education classes. Your child is welcome to attend class without registering, for your first two visits, as a courtesy, so that you may get to know us.

Information on Registration and Fees for Religious Exploration

Our members and children typically dress casually. Snacks are not normally served during class. However, if your child has allergies or other special health concerns, please let the teachers or the Director of Religious Exploration know so that we may take appropriate steps to protect your child.

If you are new and would like to attend class with your child until you are both more comfortable, you are very welcome to do so.