Spirituality and the Arts

A well-rounded Religious Exploration program provides children with the tools and experiences to make meaning out of their own experiences.  The arts provide children with opportunities for self-expression, and connect children with the deep heritage of religious art that has shaped the religious and spiritual lives of human beings in all times and places.

At UUFLB, we are intentional about integrating the arts. 

Great Works of Religious Art

As a culmination of our year-long Religious Literacy theme, we will visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art to experience important works of art from the world's great religions.  Trips are tentatively scheduled for October and April.  They are primarily intended for our Primary and Intermediate groups, but may be opened to others as space permits.

Song Fest

Children, youth, and adults gather to sing together, and to share the rich musical heritage of our liberal faith.

Different Colors of Beauty

In the winter of 2016, we spent a month talking about the ways in which each of us is uniquely beautiful, and learning from an experienced art teacher as we created portraits of ourselves, which we shared with the congregation in a special Sunday service.

Resources for Spirituality and the Arts, from the Unitarian Universalist Association: