Director of Religious Exploration

Jennifer Rehbein, the Acting Director of Religious Education
Jennifer Rehbein

Director of Religious Education

Jennifer first came to Unitarian Universalism as a young adult, in about 2002, and she and her family have been active members of the UU Church of Washington Crossing in Titusville, NJ, since 2012. During her time at UUCWC, she served as chair of the Grounds committee, taught in the religious education program, and served on a task force to develop a five-year strategic plan. She served on the Committee for Religious Education for Children and Youth in various capacities. Currently, she is on an implementation team that is leading a church-wide social justice project focused on racial justice.  Jennifer has a strong belief in the power our UU religious communities has to transform lives. Her life has certainly been transformed by UUism, and is grateful every day for the opportunity her children have growing up as UUs.

Jennifer has twenty years’ experience working with children and youth first as an environmental educator at Isles, Inc., in Trenton, NJ, and later as a classroom teacher. She taught first grade in Los Angeles as a member of Teach for America. After serving her two-year term there, she returned to New Jersey, and taught in two urban charter schools before moving to part-time work to accommodate the needs of her children. Jennifer finds religious education inspiring and challenging and is particularly interested in exploring how religious education happens outside of the immediate setting of the RE classroom — how the entire congregational life, how we care for each other, respect one another, and work together, becomes the curriculum.

Jennifer has been on UUFLB's staff since August of 2012, as Director of Religious Education.  She is responsible for oversight of all of the congregation's programming for children and youth, and also for supporting the development of multigenerational programming.  Jennifer is available to both members and others, to answer questions and concerns about our programs or about Unitarian Universalism.  You may reach her at and can expect to hear back from her within a few days.