Primary (kindergarten through grade 3)

Our Primary and Intermediate curriculum is planned around a rotation through five themes, called Pillars.  In 2016-17, our theme of Religious Literacy In Today's World means that we will focus most closely on the second and third pillars.

Fall:  Picture Book World Religions

This year we will begin with a focus on some of the major world religions.  The curriculum Picture Book World Religions is an introduction to the Hindu, Buddhist, and Islamic faiths, for young UU children. We will explore each faith by being immersed in its traditions, stories, and teachings.  We hope to support our children in understanding and appreciating religious and cultural diversity.

Winter/Spring:  Timeless Themes

Timeless Themes introduces young children to the Hebrew and Christian Bible, in a UU context.  This year, we will focus on some of the best-known Old Testament stories, including the stories of Noah, David and Goliath, Daniel, Jonah, Abraham and Sarah, and others. We encourage children to think critically, in developmentally appropriate ways, about the meaning of these stories for their own lives.  We also believe that Biblical literacy is part of a well-rounded education.  

Our classes this year will be integrated with the Great Works of Religious Art trips, being offered through Spirituality and the Arts in October and April.

Pillars of Religious Exploration

  • Growing a Unitarian Universalist Identity
  • Knowing our Judeo-Christian Heritage
  • Understanding the World's Religions
  • Becoming Peace- and Justice-makers
  • Exploring the Web of Life