Junior Youth (grades 5 to 7)

Our Junior Youth spend three years in a planned program of preparation, intended to culminate in Coming of Age, which is a Unitarian Universalist rite of passage for young adolescents.  2016-2017 is the second of the three years for this current group of Junior Youth.  Please note that youth may enter this program at any point-- newcomers and visitors are welcome.

Neighboring Faiths
We move to asking how those of other faith traditions have chosen to answer the Big Questions of Life.  We will explore beliefs, values and practices held by a variety of faith communities in our local area.  This year, our focus of study will be on both Christian and non-Christian traditions practiced by our neighbors here in Bucks County.  Our study will include planned visits, to attend worship services and other events as guests of several local faith communities.   Next year, we will move to examining thorny issues of fundamentalism and cults in American society, before moving to the period of personal reflection and discernment that is the culmination of Coming of Age.