Intermediate (grades 4 to 5)

Our Primary and Intermediate curriculum is planned around a rotation through five themes, called Pillars.  In 2016-17, our theme of Religious Literacy In Today's World means that we will focus most closely on the second and third pillars.

Fall:  Introduction to Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism

Our children live in a world that is both culturally and religiously diverse.  Accurate knowledge about the beliefs, practices, and core values of faith traditions different from our own is an important component of a UU education.  This fall, we will be introduced to some of the major religions of the world through story, discussion, and hands-on activities. Children will be asked to keep a journey of writing, drawing, or other visual self-expression, as a record of their learning.

Winter and Spring:  Bibleodeon

Bibleodeon is an ambitious and exciting exploration of the Hebrew and Christian Bible for young Unitarian Universalists.  Biblical literacy is an important tool that we give our children, so that they may be equipped to be well-informed citizens of a religiously diverse world.  We will examine well-known Bible stories from a variety of perspectives, and through discussion and interactive experiences, we will consider their significance and think critically about their meaning.  Children will be asked to keep a journal of writing, drawing, or other visual self-expression, as a record of their learning.

These programs will be integrated closely with the Great Works of Religious Art being offered through Spirituality and the Arts, in October and April.

Spring:  Worth and Dignity

We will consider the ways in which we can more effectively act to uphold the worth and dignity of all people, and stand for justice and compassion.  Last winter, while working through our social justice curriculum, the children of our congregation shared that they had a special interest in learning more about the ways that folks with disabilities of all kinds experience injustice, and how they might be better allies to those in our lives who are affected by this injustice.  We will respond to our children's interest in this topic by making time for these discussions in the late spring.  
Pillars of Religious Exploration

  • Growing a Unitarian Universalist Identity
  • Knowing our Judeo-Christian Heritage
  • Understanding the World's Religions
  • Becoming Peace- and Justice-makers
  • Exploring the Web of Life