Curriculum for 2016-2017

Theme for 2016-2017:  
Religious Literacy in a Changing World

Our children are growing in a nation and a world that is religiously diverse, in which religion shapes events and discourse in profound ways.  We want our children to have a broad and deep knowledge of the beliefs, sacred scriptures, practices, and core values of our own faith tradition, but also the faith traditions of others.  Therefore, we have chosen to dedicate a full year to religious literacy.  We hope that their experiences at UUFLB will nurture in our children a strong Unitarian Universalist identity, and also that our children will be equipped to engage respectfully with those of all faiths.


A link to an article Jennifer Rehbein, our DRE, wrote in 2014, in response to a parent's concern.

For all Ages
Events are planned each year that invite children, youth, and adults to express their spiritual and religious learnings through artistic expression and to explore the great heritage of religious art and music through the ages.  This year, we will be visiting the Philadelphia Museum of Art to examine great works of religious visual art from both Western and non-Western religious traditions.

Multigenerational Worship
Eight Sundays a year, our Religious Exploration classes will remain in regular worship with the entire congregation, to participate in planned multigenerational services.  These are not "days off" from Religious Exploration.  They are an intentionally planned part of the total program, so that our children might have the experience of belonging to the larger UUFLB community, and so that they might grow in their identity as Unitarian Universalists.  

Caring Sundays
Caring Sundays are weeks set apart for our children to engage in direct service to those in need, both within and outside our congregation.

Special Events
Our year is full of planned special events, on Sunday mornings and at other times.  Please stay tuned for more information.  Events in 2016-2017 may include a Winter Solstice craft fair, rehearsal and planning for multigenerational services, and special discussions on Unitarian Universalist understandings of God, and the meaning of Easter for Unitarian Universalists.