Our Whole Lives

Our Whole Lives

Our Whole Lives (OWL) is a lifespan comprehensive sexuality education program.  It was developed jointly by the Unitarian Universalist Association and the United Church of Christ.   It is offered at six levels, beginning in Kindergarten and progressing all the way up to a program for mature adults.


Participants learn about all aspects of sexual development and expression, through a curriculum that is firmly grounded in our liberal religious values-- the bedrock OWL values of Respect, Responsibility, and Relationship.   


Our Whole Lives is one of the most valuable parts of a UU religious education.  Parents are children's first and most important educators, but they cannot go it alone.  The open, supportive atmosphere for sharing and learning from one another, and the commitment to complete and correct information, is something that is not available to many of our young people in any other setting.  I have come to believe that when we consider the problematic and dangerous messages our kids often receive about their sexuality, in the larger culture, OWL has the potential to be genuinely lifesaving.  


Here at UUFLB this year we are pleased to be able to make two levels of this program available to our families.  We have arranged for our regularly-attending 4th and 5th graders to participate in the program offered by our neighbors, the UU Church of Washington Crossing, beginning in late February.  Also beginning in late February, we here at UUFLB will be offering the senior-high level of OWL to 10th and 12th graders from three congregations.  This program is also open to young people who are not UUs, as long as they and their families are willing to abide by the covenant the group will form.  


Next year, we will offer the program for 7th to 9th grade participants. 


Members of our Fellowship have attended weekend-long training programs, to become certified facilitators and effective advocates for appropriate, correct, and complete sexuality education.   All of you in the Fellowship have had a hand in supporting this important work, in bearing the cost of this training.  So we all have reason to be proud!


OWL is one of many ways that we here at UUFLB are supporting and nurturing our young people.  It is a source of pride for all of us, and I would be glad to talk more with anybody who would like to learn more.