Information on Registration and Fees

Children who are regularly attending Religious Exploration classes or playing in our nursery must be registered. Please complete our online registration form (here) or email for registration assistance.

If you are visiting for the first time, you will be asked to fill out a visitor's form.  This form is available at the welcome table, and in every classroom.  This provides us with some basic knowledge we need to keep your child safe.  Once you have begun attending regularly, usually on your third visit, we will ask you if you are ready to register your child formally.

No child may be in the supervision of any UUFLB staff or volunteer, without one of these forms on file.

There will be no program fee for Religious Exploration in 2018-19.  Families, please remember that the existence of our R.E. program depends almost entirely on your financial pledges.  If you do not currently have a pledge on record for this year, please consider making one immediately.  You may email to do so.

Families who are able to offer further financial support are asked to support the special R.E. collections that will be held several times during Sunday services this year.  

Our program is a cooperative one.  All families will be expected to contribute in the form of volunteer assistance in the classrooms and participation in fundraising, whenever possible.