DRE blog September 2013

Why so many multigenerational Sundays?

A multigenerational Sunday is one on which there is no separate Religious Exploration program for children over five.  On these Sundays, we all worship together.  The services are intentionally planned for the participation of all our members, friends, and guests.  They will be hosted by collaborations between the minister, myself as the DRE, the RE team, our youth and children, and members of the different committees and teams here at UUFLB.

One of our goals for RE at UUFLB talks about the value of a religious community in the life of a growing child.  Community is also one of our identified Core Values.  We want our children and youth to be fully integrated into our Fellowship.  We believe that all of us have something to offer, and that when connections are made between individuals of different ages, everyone gains something beautiful and valuable.   We also believe that multigenerational connections help grow truly lifelong UUs—young people who will continue to be involved in our liberal faith movement after they bridge out of our RE program.

Some people worry that services created to include children will be lacking in spiritual substance.  Others may be concerned that children will be bored, and that they will get involved in distracting or disruptive behavior.  We on the RE team believe that well-planned multigenerational worship can be engaging to those of all ages.   We are going to try and learn how to do that, so that we can all benefit from what these kinds of worship services offer.

We also believe that worshipping together is one way that we weave the fabric of community in our Fellowship.   When we worship as a whole Fellowship, we offer our younger members the chance to see what adults do when they are “being religious” together.   Multigenerational worship is an opportunity for our youth to share with us the innovative styles of worship they have experienced at youth CONS and other events.  All of us are enriched by strengthening the ties between generations.  In fact, effective intergenerational worship is one of the most common shared characteristics of the fastest-growing UU congregations. 

Please plan to attend these services—no matter HOW old you are!  I don’t doubt that we will make mistakes, and that sometimes it won’t work all that well, but we are going to try together and learn together, and we would truly appreciate everyone’s support as we take this journey.

Childcare for infants, toddlers, and preschool children will be available every Sunday.  Children of any age are always welcome to remain with their parents, but we understand that our very youngest friends may not be ready for that experience.