Welcome to the 2020-2021 Religious Exploration (R.E.) program at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Lower Bucks. We are glad you are here, and excited for an enriching RE year. Visitors are always welcome to join in our programs, and we are glad that you are considering our congregation as a religious home for your family. As all sessions will be held online until further notice, if you are a visitor and not registeresd for R.E, you must first contact the Director of Religious Exploration, Angela Konin, to arrange your family's R.E. visit (dre@uuflb.org). 

A Unitarian Universalist (UU) education is about growing in the context of a supportive and affirming community. As UUs, we believe that there are many paths to the truth. We know that each person has a right to a free and responsible search for meaning, and we strive to support our young people as they begin that search for themselves.

A UU education allows young people to form a strong UU identity, developing a sense of value and appreciation for the unique heritage of our liberal religious movement as well as the diversity of the world’s faith traditions.

Our R.E. program nurtures an environment of inquiry and respect, in which children are free to explore religious ideas and deepen their own spiritual lives. We foster a sense of responsibility for building a better world by modeling values of justice, compassion, and peacefulness. Participants in our program are encouraged to challenge accepted ideas, as they arrive at their own answers to life’s most perplexing questions.

Our carefully planned curriculum involves youth in meaningful opportunities for reflection and discussion, worship with our multigenerational community, and social opportunities which can foster lifelong friendships. Additionally we offer opportunities to turn faith into action through regular social justice projects and community events. Through these experiences, our young people grow in wisdom and understanding, and form a set of values that will provide a foundation for living a life of intention and compassion.

Our community is committed to accommodate all those who come seeking a place to belong and be accepted, and you are welcome here.

Angela Konin

Director of Religious Exploration